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Enjoy Peace of Mind with Our Products

Life Insurance


  • Life insurance will protect your family from unnecessary added financial strain in the event of death.
  • If death occurs, loved ones will be left with an asset rather than a liability.
  • Any outstanding payments on the protected loan will be covered.

Disability insurance


  • In the event of injury or illness causing an individual to be unable to work, Disability Insurance will cover a number of payments on the vehicle loan during your recovery period.
  • loan protection can help maintain your current credit score by keeping up to date with your payments during a time of financial crisis.
  • Loan protection coverage will make getting back on your feet a seamless step after recovery.



  • A vehicle Warranty will cover the cost of unexpected repairs above and beyond the time and usage of Manufactures warranty.
  • Extended Warranty offers peace of mind in vehicle ownership knowing your vehicle is safe on the road.
  • In todays automotive environment, repair costs can escalate quickly when issues arise. This can cause financial hardship leaving the owner with a choice of paying a high repair bill or without a vehicle for an extend period of time, or in the worst-case scenario driving a vehicle unsafe for the road.
  • Having extended warranty means being able to repair your vehicle at the earliest sign of wear, which in turn will make your vehicle last longer while maximizing the resale value without the unexpected financial burden of high repair costs.
  • Some added bonuses to Extended warranty packages are, roadside assistance, and a number of initial services for free depending on the warranty package you decide to go with.
  • We offer a number of different extended warranty packages at various costs and levels of coverage to meet the specific needs of each individual. We can help you discover the coverage that is right for you.

Protection package


Our protection packages consist of three primary products, the key aspect to each of these protections is to maintain the longevity and appearance of your vehicle. It has been proven that protected vehicles are in high demand within the pre-owned market meaning your vehicle will be worth top trade value when it comes time for a new vehicle. These protections are a low-cost investment to help you get the most from your vehicle's re-sale value.

  • Paint Protection:
    Protects against light scratches and salt/ sun discolouration
  • Fabric Protection:
    Protects against spills and stains making clean up much easier while minimizing wear on your vehicle's interior.
  • Rust Protection:
    Using electronic rust module technology electric current is circulated through the metal in the vehicle minimizing the natural chemical reaction of rust.
    Electronic rust modules can protect places of the vehicle that cannot be accessed with traditional spray rust proofing



  • Leasing a Vehicle can often be a better alternative to financing, one of the concerns with leasing can be the potential costs when returning the vehicle after the term has expired.
  • Wearpass can help protect against costs up to $4000 due to wear and tear on the vehicle at the end of the lease.

Tire & Rim Warranty


  • Tire & Rim Warranty will protect vehicle owners against the cost of replacing a rim or tire if damage occurs. There is never a deductible or out of pocket expense to you.
  • A damaged rim or tire can occur from road debris, screws/bolts, potholes, manhole covers, construction zones, etc.
  • Rim and Tire protection is available on all vehicles including both summer and winter wheel sets.
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